Are You Ready to Commit to YOUR Psychic and Mediumship Development?

After years of doing Psychic Readings I was urged to help others with their Psychic and Mediumship Development.  Many of those I have helped are Professional Psychic Mediums and are applying their abilities in an ethical manner that is in alignment with their purpose. For some that is helping with Missing Persons for others that is using their intuitive abilities to assist in their healing modalities. Some are now doing their own Demonstrations of Mediumship Galleries. Some simply work with their abilities to help guide them through their own personal lives. My passion is to Mentor others who are aware of their Psychic abilities. I am able to hone in and see clearly, exactly where someone is with their development.  The next step is to expand on the identified ability. I assist in getting you to that next step. All you have to do is commit. I offer many opportunities at different levels to help you expand on your Psychic Mediumship Development.

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  Let’s get right to the point of your visit here to my site 🙂 Shall we? There are only a few reasons you would find yourself here looking at the site of a Psychic Medium and Intuitive Spiritual-Health Coach:

  • You think you may want a reading or a connection to your loved ones who have Crossed
  • You are trying to figure out if you are indeed Psychic or have Mediumship abilities
  • You are looking for Psychic Mediumship Development Classes
  • Curious to see what this whole Psychic Mediumship stuff is all about
  • You are on your Spiritual Path/ Journey and would like to expand on that more
  • You are experiencing an Awakening to your abilities or a Spiritual Awakening

  Readings~I have been so blessed over the years to be a part of so many connections made to loved ones who have crossed. I am honored to have been a part of each and every one of those connections. To see the healing of so many souls is just Awesome! Although making a connection via a Medium should not be in lieu of grief counseling it can be a helpful part of the healing. My main focus on my journey now is helping others develop their abilities. I still offer readings, as that is part of who I am, I have set aside limited time available each month for readings. I do both in person and phone readings. Please check out my Services/Products page to see more detailed information on my readings and what to expect. You will also find testimonials there as well.   Am I Psychic ? ~ After my Awakening the question I kept asking myself is “Am I psychic or psycho?”I grew up with an adoptive Father who was diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic and heard voices, so I was a bit unnerved when I began to hear messages.  Having psychic abilities totally caught me off guard! I truly thought I may be losing it. I committed to myself and Source that as soon as I feel I have figured this all out and can be helpful to others opening up to their abilities I would find a way to help them gain clarity and understanding. Guess what? I now know no one has figured this ALL out,we will always be learning something new about our abilities, however I managed to gain a lot of insight and clarity over the years that I have been doing readings and teaching the Psychic Mediumship Development Circles. I have taught many how to open up and expand on their abilities. That moment when someone brings through a message that can be validated right then and there is something I will never tire seeing!   You may be Psychic if~

  • You experience “daydreams” and then those daydreams actually happen
  • You have a sense of knowing or a gut feeling about someone or something and later find out you were right but had no way of knowing this information
  • You pick up on the emotions of others with out even talking with them
  • You smell,hear or taste things randomly
  • You say things to people and not know where that just came from

Great! So now what do I do? If you have experienced any of the above. Having the support and guidance of a professional Psychic or Medium is Key as well as having a safe place to become familiar with your abilities and practice using them on a consistent basis.   I did not have this when my abilities first opened up. I took so many random classes, seminars etc.  just looking for a place to help me learn and expand my abilities. Oh MAN did I spend a lot of Money!!! I read so many books and listened to so many CD’s.   What was missing for me then was a structured environment for me to learn on a consistent basis. That is, I am sure, why I am so passionate about providing such a place.           Here we are at what is the end of this page for now. Thank you for taking the time to visit my Site. I wish you all the best on your journey! Stay True to You, Kim St.Andre