Kim St.Andre “The Soccer Mom Psychic Medium” is known to be the go-to person for developing and expanding your Psychic Mediumship abilities. Kim works with her clients and students to integrate their spiritual abilities into their day-to-day world. This helps them create a way of life to be lived more in the flow. She is a master at zoning in on where you are currently with your abilities and helping you breakthrough to your next level. Kim has the ability to see past the facade to help you reconnect with your authentic self and begin living on purpose. She works as a professional Psychic Medium, offering 1 on 1 readings, and coaches and teaches emerging psychic mediums how to develop their intuition and manage their abilities to enhance both their personal and professional lives. Many of Kim’s students are now working as Professional Psychic Mediums. 

Here is what people are saying about Kim…

“I originally sought Kim out to help me broaden my psychic and intuitive capabilities. I was thrilled to find someone who not only understood what I needed, but also could relate to the demands on my time and the chaotic nature of my schedule due to my three school-aged children. Kim shed light on how to be practical, yet effective in pursuit of that connection with Spirit. She also taught me a very valuable concept – energy management. I knew how to raise my energy in readings, but I didn’t know how to effectively manage my energy in day-to-day situations to support my psychic work. This skill also helped me to read the energy of others as well as to more clearly discern different energies in my presence. This was CRITICAL for my development and understanding. Kim, has a very open, honest and “no BS” approach to life and business. I cannot tell you how much that has freed me up, allowing me to just go out and do things (take action!) and not wait for permission or someone to tell me I was worthy. This was HUGE!!!” – Anne Kjellgren 

“I am so glad I decided to do one-on-one mediumship mentoring with Kim. I am a professional psychic and have done some mediumship readings in the past, but Kim helped me take the abilities I have and the readings I do to the next level. From our initial consultation call to our final mentoring session, Kim was kind, patient, and generous with her knowledge and time. Our sessions were packed with wonderful information, guidance, and practice. I felt like she valued my time and commitment, and I always felt that the time we had together was used wisely. I cannot say enough how much I enjoyed our sessions and how valuable they were to me. If you are wanting to learn mediumship, I highly recommend Kim.”  – Melanie Jade Rummel

“Kim was really good at walking us through the process of development, especially when we were receiving information.  She did not interfere and allowed us to take our time. Kim helped us understand how to process the information and how to express it to others. She also always made herself available to answer questions and clarify topics discussed.  I always felt comfortable and never felt embarrassed to express myself or ask questions. The thing Kim helped me with the most was developing a foundation for my abilities.” – Adriana 

“Kim is really good at keeping a direction and focus while learning your abilities. She allows you the opportunity to get it right and accompanies you to see the further depth of it by exploring it together. Not only does she allow the freedom of learning but that advancement of gifts. This is critical when stepping beyond the threshold of your abilities. She is a skilled professional and the first of her kind I have ever met. She is patient and to the point. =)” – Drew 


“Working with Kim St. Andre has been one of the highlights of my past year. Kim’s incredible insight, empathy and compassion are such a gift. Whenever I am feeling stuck or confused about what to do next or how to find the lesson in what I am experiencing right now, Kim is my go-to coach for clarity. I always come away from a session with Kim feeling fully supported and re energized.” – Dr. Minette Riordan

“Kim we share in common how suddenly and so blatantly our abilities were delivered to us. The Universe cut us no slack there. Ever since, I have always wondered Why and Who the Universe decides will be gradually, slowly introduced to their abilities and Why and Who will be blind-sided. I was in dire straits for help. For me, that appropriate source was you. I consider myself one of “the fortunate ones” in that, I did not suffer too many needless, bad experiences or have to struggle too terribly long before finding you, Kim…MY SAVING GRACE!” – Kelly Wood

"About 5 years ago, my doctor suggested I should change my lifestyle to avoid 'dropping from a stroke at any moment'. I changed my diet, organized my life and became more physically active. With all of that, I still felt stuck and my blood pressure was sky high. I was the victim. My internal conversations were something like this: My husband gets to do what he wants, I don't get the projects I want at work, my kids don't listen to me, no one helps pick up the house, I don't have many friends… and so on.
I met Kim St. Andre, and we became friends. I saw first hand how she helped people but I always thought, 'I don't really want to change everything, I just want more quality in what I have.'
I began working with Kim St. Andre and really investing in myself. The work I've done in this program has helped me be healthier, a better employee, mother, wife, friend, daughter, and spiritual being. In addition, my personal quality of life has increased. I feel more purposeful, fulfilled, connected and less stressed. It didn't happen overnight but these tools work. Period." — Amy Schmidt