Quick Start Guide to Meditation

by Kim St.Andre

Meditation was one of those things I put off for a long time. I just found it to be so overwhelming. 
How do I know I am doing it right?
Which meditation should I do?
Do I really need to meditate for an hour?

I had no idea where to start! to be honest it kind of stressed me out to even think about…now that can't be good! frown

I now love and look forward to my meditation time.

There are meditations available for all kinds of focuses. Start with asking yourself what would you like to accomplish by meditating? 
Meditation can be utilized for so many reasons…
Stress relief
Better connection to Source
Spiritual Enlighten
Connect with your Spirit Guides
Clear your Chakras
Spiritual development
Better Health
As you can see this list could go on forever!

My daily routine includes a meditation to release negative energy and to disconnect from all energy but my own. I do another meditation for connecting with my Team (guides, angels & Source) there may be a day where my focus is my physical or emotional health. Overtime you begin to know what you need form your meditation in any given moment. 

Here's what worked for me. First I was having a hard time finding quiet uninterrupted time to meditate ( I had 2 babies at the time and 3 teenagers). The one place that I could be uninterrupted (with the help of hubby guarding the door) was the shower. 
By doing my meditation in the shower every morning it helped to make it a habit, a way of life for me. 

I begin with grounding my energy by visualizing tree roots growing out of the bottom of my feet going deep into the center of the earth. 
Next I connect with Source Energy by visualizing a silver cord from the top of my head (crown chakra) going all the way up through sky and space to Source energy. 
From here I feel both Source energy and Grounding energy flow through my body. 
I then release any negative energy I feel connected to by feeling it release through the bottom of my feet though the tree roots. 
This helps me to feel reengerized and ready for the day. 
You can tweak this meditation to your own liking. 

If I were lucky enough to get bath time at the end of the day I would try out different guided meditations. I used a small cd player I kept in the bathroom. Now I use my iPad or iPhone.

My suggestion for getting started is to start small and work your way up to a longer time. it's not about how long you can stay in meditation that makes it effective it's more about what you gain or release in meditation. 

The biggest complaint I hear from clients is I can't turn off my inner chatter of to do lists. 

Try to start with a visual meditation.  Light a candle or place a serene picture in front of you. Take a deep breathe in slowly and release slowly. Just keep your focus on the picture or flame. Do this until the inner chatter starts up. Observe the chatter and let it go. Start over. Continue with this until you feel a sense of calmness. 

A few tips that help may help you prepare and benefit the most from your meditation:
Set your space up to be relaxing unclutter 
Put essential oils in your diffuser, bath or directly on your body. 
Use a cup or two of Sea Salt in your bath try different blends.
Turn off phones
Put a note on the door not to ring the door bell
Note alone at home? Ask that your meditation time be respected and that you not be interrupted. 

Expectations are what ends to trip many people up on meditation. You may very well have a meditation that allows you to hear Angels singing however know that most meditation is about the stillness and present moment. The best expectation to have for your meditation is to NOT have any expectations just allow to be what it is.

Here are some of my favorite oils to use for meditation:

Valor Essential Oil - 15 ml3393









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Beth Hewitt April 8, 2014 at 4:25 pm

Hi Kim, 


First time on your blog. Really liked your post.  I have started meditating more recently and I really look forward to it.  But it can be quite an effort to find the time, to do it justice.

I was wondering what your experience of crystals was?


Looking forward to reading more of your posts. I have subscribed to your newsletter.


Beth 🙂


Kim St.Andre April 8, 2014 at 4:32 pm

Hi Beth,
Thank you so much for checking out the blog! Yes finding the time at first does take a conscious effort for sure this why I started with the shower meditation I figured I am already in there might as well take full advantage of the time 😀 
I am so happy to hear that you are implementing meditation into your schedule. 

I love the added benefit of using crystals! For me what works best is if I use whatever crystal I am drawn towards. Interestingly enough I find when I look that crystal up it was exacctly what I needed a little help with in that moment. You can try holding the crystal while you meditate or if you are doing a meditation in the bath you can even put some crystals right in the tub! 

I hope that helps to answer some of your questions in the future I will do a blog about crystals than youfor the idea.

Stay True to You,



Chantea April 8, 2014 at 4:26 pm

I hope your meditation works for you.


Ruthie March 9, 2017 at 2:18 pm

I love Peace & Calming… it's my go to oil for just about everything. 🙂


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