How to get the most out of Psychic Night/Psychic Fair

by Kim St.Andre

                         Psychic Night                                                                         


Have you thought about attending Psychic Night at Churchill's or attending a Psychic Fair in your area and your not quite sure what to expect?

If you are new to Psychic Night or Psychic Fairs the following should help with any confusion you may have.


Think of Psychic night like you would think of going to a food tasting. It's a great opportunity to sample different styles and readers before buying the "Main Course"

The readings are usually around 15 – 20 minutes long. This time is going to go by really fast! So it's best to be a bit prepared so you are not wasting precious minutes of your reading thinking about what you would like to get insight on.

How to prepare:

Grab a notepad

Jot down a few things you would like to have insight on for example: Know what area of your life you would like to focus on ~ Work, family, money, spiritual etc.

Do you have specific questions? Write those on your notepad.

Now it's time for you to prepare your energy. You will get the best results from your readings if you go into them with your energy open and an open mind. Take a few minutes to talk with your "Trusted Team" you can do this with prayer, meditation what ever is most comfortable for you. Ask your Trusted Team to help you receive the insight that is best for your highest and greatest good.

Keep in Mind:

Psychic Night is a great way to sample different readers with different styles so that you can see who and what style you best connect with. When you find a reader that you connect with well then you can schedule a more in depth reading with them one on one.

How do I chose which reader to go with?

I suggest you trust your gut on this one. Take a look around the room at the different readers. Which one do you feel more pulled towards?

It's like being at a social gathering with a bunch of people you don't know. Usually you get a feel for who you would like to go introduce yourself to.

Referrals are great too! Ask the other people attending how they liked the readers they went to. Keep in mind though your gut feeing. It is not uncommon for one person to have the best reading ever and another person to just feel so so about a reading form the same reader.

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