“Help I think my kid may be Psychic!”

by Kim St.Andre


The sound of a panicked mom's voice on the other end of the phone is becoming more and more common placed for me lately. Here are these amazing mom's who have supported and helped their babies grow up healthy, happy well educated and safe however now they find themselves facing something with their child that's not in many parenting books!!!

What's a Mom to do? 

Had this happened to me before I grew into my own abilities I would have most likely panicked!

If your child has a learning disability you get help and support from the child's school. If your child has a medical condition you go to the doctor.

Who do you go to when your child is predicting things before they happen? When your child begins to say things out loud that you were thinking in your head but not saying out loud? When your child begins to tell you about a conversation with a deceased relative whom they never met? and describes them perfectly having never seen them or a picture of them!

What if this scares the child how do you protect them from something you can't even see, hear or feel?

Unfortunately one of the first things that's told to many children who are experiencing these things is to not tell anyone. Understandingly so because as the adult we know that the world can be unkind to those who appear "different than the norm". I totally get it's a fine line to walk with your child and as parents we want to protect our children from unkind words from others. Obviously how we speak to a 5 year old is going to be different than how we would speak to a 10 year old or a teen ager. 

Choose your words carefully because what you say to them early on when they open up to you about this are words they will remember for a LONG LONG time. It's so key for them to first know YOU accept them as they are. You love and accept ALL of their being. They need to know you will always be their "Safe Place" with no judgement. Keep in mind it is you that you want them to talk too if you want them to open up to you in the future these early conversations are critical.

Practice the art of not looking shocked!! These kids need calmness and grounding energy to connect to. Remember when they were crying babies and when you cradled them in your arms how they began to connect to your calming energy soon after some rocking,singing & kisses they were calm babies once again. They will need that same kind of energy from you now regardless of their age.

Finding a Mentor for your child.

If you yourself are not a Psychic or a Medium how do you find someone to help your child learn how to deal with their abilities?

Honestly it's not easy!

~Do your research just like you would if your child needed a doctor who was a specialist in the area needed. If you seek out help from a psychic or medium interview them first before jumping into a program with them.

~Then check your own mommy intuition.

~Does this feel like the right person to work with your child? Are they willing to make you a constant part of the coaching (you will want to know what is going on during any mentoring or


~Will this person honor your family's beliefs and consult you if a conflict with your beliefs or faith comes up?

~Do they have past clients you can talk with?


Once you have found someone to work with your child stay in the loop with your child and the mentor. Developing and expanding on Psychic / Medium abilities is not a step by step program where everyone develops the exact same way. It is often a learn as you grow type situation. Early on it can be very overwhelming and exhausting. Before gaining control your child may become quite tired at times. It's key to ensure they get plenty of rest and eat a healthy diet along with drinking plenty of water. 

Thankfully society is becoming more and more accepting of Psychic Mediums. Personally I believe this will continue to be the case as more ethical and authentic Psychic Mediums come out of their Psychic Closets.

Above all else give your child all the unconditional love they so need from you. Be that Safe Place for them.

Stay True to You

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Carol Steinberg April 4, 2013 at 8:31 pm

I remember a radio show I used to listen to where the intro theme song was "Everyone's psychic, you know that you are…la la la."  That's something else to keep in mind.  I'm experiencing a weird amount of synchronicity lately…maybe I was psychic as a child…my grandmother would certainly have freaked about that!


admin April 4, 2013 at 8:57 pm

Oh I would love to hear that song! Sounds like you have some really good manifesting abilities with all the synchronicities, Lucky You! I do believe as children we have many abilities then society happens ;D


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