Essential Oils To Support Your Balanced Energy Flow

With 5 kids, 1 grandson a loving husband and my own business I am always open to finding shortcuts to help me keep my energy flowing and balanced. 

You see I am a Soccer Mom that means that I am often running to practices, games & managing the schedules and activities of my 2 youngest kids and keeping up with the activities of my 3 year old grandson all while running my own business. 

We cook at home more nights than we go out to dinner I do not have a maid or housekeeper to clean and organize my home. 

Energy Hygiene is at the top of my priority list! 

Using Essential Oils in my everyday life has been the biggest asset to my Energy Hygiene and my families' Energy Hygiene! 

If my kids are having a bad day and feeling sad we put some uplifting citrus oil in the diffuser and before you know their Energy is happier. 


A good nights sleep is so important to Keeping Your Energy Balanced. With a little help from Lavender or Peace & Calming sleep is never an issue! We wake up rested and energized. 

If one of those sleepy times sneaks up on us …No Worries we just reach for the Peppermint Essential Oil! A few drops of that and you get a quick energy burst!


Keeping the Germs away with all natural cleaning and if someone does come down with a little cold Thieves in the diffuser helps to alleviate in no time!