The Christmas Tree & My Lesson of When Good Enough Really is Perfect!

by Kim St.Andre

I truly love Christmas time. I love all the decorations, lights, the energy of this time of year I just absolutely love all things Christmas. Little Girl Christmas As a child, Christmas at our house wasn’t all that great. I would dream of how Christmas would be when I grew up and I was the mom. On the night of putting up the Christmas Tree the house would be filled with the scent of fresh baked cookies (from scratch of course) and I would make homemade hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows. There would be cheerful Christmas music playing in the background. Everyone would be wearing their matching Christmas pj’s and of course we would all be in the happiest of moods! Our tree would be perfect! Fresh cut and decorated so well it would be worthy of the cover of Better Homes and Garden (this was before Martha Stewart). Flash forward thirty some years later: Busy Mom Every Christmas I would stress over the tree being perfect. ( note to self…this is not fun for the kids) see I was still going off of what was a perfect Christmas in my 8 year old mind. Well that 8 year old little girl didn’t anticipate 5 kids, a cat jumping on top of all the fragile ornaments and then turning the Christmas tree into its own personal playground while we are all asleep in bed. My adult self didn’t realize I was trying to fulfill my 8 year old’s little self and not really paying attention to what was making Christmas and decorating the tree perfect my own kids! Oh what a “Helloooo” moment!!! I feel the need to take a quick moment to thank my oh so patient husband for allowing me the space yet giving me an oh so gentle nudge to come to this “hello” moment. The kids love putting the ornaments on the tree that use to be a really tense time for me. Nothing like 5 identical ornaments all grouped together in one spot on the tree…breathe big deep inhale slowly release….. My husband could see my head about to explode however he helped me through it with a calming hand on my knee reminding me to breathe. It took a few years but I am proud to say I totally kept my cool this year. Guess what? Our tree is not going to be on the cover of Better Homes and Garden and Martha Stewart would most likely gasp if she saw it. Christmas tree cover magazine We did not all wear matching pj’s . The kids handled all the fragile ornaments like they were footballs (first year ever we didn’t break any while decorating! WooHoo!) We drank instant hot chocolate. There were no fresh baked cookies (Are you kidding me?!? I am still recuperating from making Thanksgiving dinner!) Woman baking The kids had a blast putting the ornaments where ever they wanted on the tree. More importantly the kids have one more good memory of decorating the Christmas tree. It may not be magazine cover perfect however our tree is good enough for us and that’s PERFECT! I am going to do my best to remember this lesson from my family when that little perfectionist inside of me wants to take center stage again. I know with their help and my amazingly patient hubby I will learn that Good Enough is Perfect and a lot more fun 😀

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Amy Schmidt November 29, 2011 at 8:25 pm

Love this story. We often compare ourselves to unrealistic ideals. It’s nice to have permission to be human.


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