About Kim St.Andre



Just 10 years ago if you had asked me about my life and who I am I would have quickly responded “ I am a wife to a wonderful, highly driven man. I am a mom of 5 beautiful children. My husband owns 3 businesses and I do all I can to support him with those businesses.”

Notice Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive, Clairvoyant were not Titles I used to described myself. Spiritual Awakening was a concept I hadn’t even heard of just 7 years ago.

That moment 10 years ago feels like a life time ago. My Spirituality is now a daily part of my life, actually an every moment part of my life!

My Awakening changed my life in just a moment. This is how my Journey out of The Psychic Closet from Soccer Mom to Mom the Psychic Medium began.

My husband and I were getting ready on a morning a month before Christmas trying to decide what we were going to do with our day just hang out or go buy a Christmas tree. We decided to finish getting ready and just see what we felt like doing.

I was putting on my makeup when I started to have a "daydream". It was of a Christmas store. Inside the store right in the front area by the door was a little boy, about 4 years old, he was blonde and had that cute little boy haircut. So I thought to myself, because I am a mom of 5 kids myself, where is his mom? Instantly I saw that she was in the back of the store talking with an employee about the trees. My vision goes back to the front of the store and now a see this creepy man watching the little boy who was knelt down right by the front door playing with one of the displays. Next I see the man take the boy then get into his SUV parked right in front of the stores' door and try to back up. A red pickup was passing behind him so the creepy guy had to wait for a second.

I notice the license plate is unique but it happens so fast I can't make it out. Now all of a sudden I hear in my right ear "Get there before 1:11!" it took me a second to snap back to reality and now I am unnerved. At that moment My husband comes in and wants to know if I have decided what we want to do for the day. Hmm… looks like we are going Christmas tree shopping I tell him.

My husband notices I am unnerved and of course he asked me why. So I am thinking to myself do I tell him or try to play it off. Well I am not very good at playing things off and he is really good at knowing when I am trying to play it off. So I risk him thinking I am crazy and tell him everything I just "daydreamed" and I tell him we need to hurry because we have to get there before 1:11.

We get to the store and it is like 1:05. We walk in and everything is exactly like I saw it in my "daydream". The boy is right there , he is the only kid in the whole store, the mom is nowhere to be seen, the creepy guy is there and I am about to burst out of my skin!!

My husband and I block the creepy guy he gets on one side and me on the other. The guy looked at me and I gave him a disgusted look within a few minutes he leaves. And the whole scene unfolds in front of me he backs up his license plate is unique it had a name on it, the red pick up drives by behind him I turn around and the mom is now finally making her way up from the back of the store. I look at my watch and it is 1:11…

… I didn't know what to think and I was speechless. My husband, being the guy he is, was like "So should we look at trees now?" Um ok?!

From that moment on I began to be flooded with Visions and information about people I had no way of knowing.

Sound exciting?

Well at first maybe it was a bit exciting. Then it became overwhelming very quick. I didn’t know how to control the flow of information I was receiving. No way of how to”turn it off” or control how fast it was coming. It got to a point that I had to search out help.

Hmm… Who to go to for help?!

Guess What?

There is nothing in the yellow pages under “Help I think I am Psychic or maybe Crazy What do I do?” I know this for a fact because I looked! LOL

So who better to go to than a Psychic Right? So I did just that I went to a psychic a few of them actually. I had some great readings but not a lot of help with telling me what to do with these new found abilities(at least at the time I thought they were new). I also discovered that many of those I was going to for help were not really wanting to give up any” secrets of the trade”.  At that time it was really hard trying to find help with a Spiritual teacher who would just be open and honest with me.

Needless to say the start of my Spiritual Journey/ Awakening felt a little like try to find a needle in the Hay stack with no Light!

I committed at that time that as soon as I got to place of understanding my abilities I would do my best to help others who are “New” to their abilities and trying to figure them out.

I am happy to say I have been doing just that for the past two years. I have now helped many learn how to control and expand their Psychic Mediumship abilities.

Thank You for coming by to learn more about me. I look forward to learning more about You!


Stay True to You,

Kim St.Andre